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Another fantastic pack by pixeltier. Cant wait to buy and use it

Hi there, thank you so much for the nice comment, igulpinar! :)


Fantastic stuff! So happy you include both the sprite sheet and the individual assets. So helpful and so handy!

Hey there,

thank you for purchasing the pack. I'm very glad you like it. :)

If you have anything you'd like to see being added to the pack, let me know. :)

Hey Pixeltier!

Actually, there was 2 items I was hoping to see in the pack of icons. 1 is a Bullet-Proof helmet, and the other is a bullet-proof vest. Every other icon I was hoping to have for my prototype  is there. In either case, these have been great! I also grabbed the RPG pack as well, couldn't be happier.

Hi :)

I've actually wanted to include a bullet proof vest in version 1, but I didn't quite like the outcome and thought I'd let it sit for a while and get back to it for an update.

I'll definitely include it! 

Cheers :)

I have a question, Pixeltier.  I am working on a survival horror game and the pixel icon size is 32x32.  Would these icons scale up well?

Hi Guardinthena,

you can always double the size of the 16x16 icons, sure. If you have other icons with a 32x32 pixel size, mixing different pixel sizes may come off as patched-together. 

Shoot me a message to and perhaps send over 1-2 screenshots of what you mean and I'd love to go into detail. :)

Will do, thank you for your time!

could you make it as 32 bit version?

Hey there! Do you mean 32x32? I'm always toying around with different resolutions, but I don't have a specific new pack planned as I'm looking to uodate the existing ones. 

How nice. I was just about to wasted many hours and days to create something like that for my 2D Survival RPG. Cheers! Can't wait exchange the default Icons in RPG-Maker with these!

Glad you like it, felsenstern! If you have any suggestions on what to add, don't hesitate to let me know! :)

Fastfood like Pizza, Kebap and Tacos came into my mind.

Oh, more food items! Gotcha, noted. :)

Amazing Work ;D !!!

Thank you so much zeliosariex, I'm glad you like it! :D


And now it's mine too (i already have the great medieval pack).


Hey Tchey, 

great to hear from you again and thank you so much for purchasing! :)



Will be a nice complement to the game I'm working on now. Thank you for the great work as always!

Oh, I'm curious, keep me updated! 
And thanks for the kind words. :)


Will do! Any news on the sci-fi pack you were working on? Would love to integrate that one as well :)

Funny thing is, this pack started out as a scifi pack, but eventually drifted into being a modern RPG pack. I'm currently planning on doing at least 4-5 themed additions, such as "Riots & Urban Warfare", "Drugs & Narcotics", "Future Cops and Cyberpunks" and a classic Sci-Fi update with laser swords and other classic Star Wars themed items. Apart from the usual updates with new generic designs and user suggestions. 

At one point, I was also thinking about doing a completely seperate Scifi pack, but I reckon it would be too hard to differentiate from the Modern RPG pack. 


Understood! Looking forward to seeing the additions you make to this pack then. Keep up the good work!


very nice, I just bought it... Can you add in a jetpack, whip, and a grapple hook icon???

Thank you for buying. :)

Your suggestions are noted. :)


Instant buy! So pretty lol. 

I was going through your portfolio, any plans of releasing that big Isometric piece as an asset pack? I have always been curious about making something similar to habbo hotel and that style would be perfect! 

Also curious what a maple story like mock up would look like from you. 

Oh wow, funny that you ask. I'ce been meaning to get back into doing isometric art lately, so there's a good possibility I'll check something like that out!


Incredible asset pack.

Thank you, how nice. :)

Very nice! Would love to see some compatible characters and tile sets.


Hey Neurisko, thank you for the nice comment! Are you thinking about top down characterd, walk/death/attack animations, the whole thing? 

I always toy around with the thought of doing that. Maybe I should give it a real shot!


Heck yeah, as much as you're willing to do! I love this style; very readable and a little chunky, but still semi-realistic.  A top-down survival/zombie game would be perfect for these items.


Oh and the sale was too good to pass up, bought :)

Awesome, thanks for the feedback! 

And thanks for buying the bundle! :)


It's a basic pack but it's very well done, and I know it'll be expanded so it was a must-buy for me!

Hi fiote,

thanks for the kind words! I'm definitely going to update the pack over the next weeks and I'm very open to suggestions. :)