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omg <3

Great icons, I will be using this in an upcoming project! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Thank you on here aswell! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Keep me posted! :)

is there any food sprite that I could look?

At this moment, there are no food sprites in the pack.

With the outlines and all, I think this pack comes somewhat close to my style:

Really love this set, the style is perfect. Would be cool to have some UI stuff for skills/spells using the same palette. Like others have said different packs for monsters/npcs would be awsome. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your lovely feedback! UI elements like you proposed are definitely in my line of sight. I'd love to do NPCs and monsters in the near future, and I've been toying around with some designs, but I've yet to decide on a style.

Your asset pack is fantastic, I will soon use it in a project.

Awesome, thanks for the kinds words! Keep me posted, I'll gladly promote it on my channels if you want. :)

Hey i have a question: are the bows animated? If not, it would be great to make a 2nd frame for every bow when it's curved

Hey Matei, unfortunately none of the icons are in any ways animated by default. But I jotted it down for the next version, as I think the bows need some love in general. :)

I'm working on a procedural roguelike world sim (nearest analogue would be Dwarf Fortress) and I'll probably pick this up to prototype with. I'd love to see overworld, dungeon, player character, and monster packs along these same lines, with compatible color palette.


Hey there. People have been asking for this for some time now, so I'm strongly considering creating different packs. :)


Quick suggestion for future packs -- make the sprite sheets in "powers of two" sizes. That will make them easier to work with for developers. Like 512x512, 1024x2048, etc.


I didn't know that, thanks for the information. I'll make sure to do that in the next version. :)

Just purchased your pack... Its amazing...

Would i be able to use these assets in a commercial product and if so do i need to credit you?

It will be a phone game that these assets are used in.

Awesome, thanks for the kind words! You can use it in a commercial product and you don't need to credit me. You can though, and I will gladly plug your game on all my social channels. :)

Keep me posted about your game! I'm always thrilled to see the assets being used. :)

I have no problem crediting you. What would you want your name to be in the credits? "Pixel RPG Items By Pixeltier"?

It is a pretty basic concept and it should be finished in around a few days and maybe another week after that to add some juicy effects ;)

But ill send you a link of the product once on the play store. The game will be free but contain ads on launch. Thanks again for this pack also another quick question are you planning on making a monster pack? specifically platformer styled?

Awesome, thanks for the update. :)

Pixel RPG Items by Sascha Naderer or Pixeltier's RPG Icon Pack as a reference would be amazing! 

I've had some people ask me about monster packs, and it's a thing I want to get around to eventually. So it's a definite probably. ;)

Hello, did you consider making animated monststers? I have been trying to find some big ones to use as bosses in my game that fits your artstyle but couldn't find any

I am strongly considering creating a set of monsters in a similar art style, yes! Are you thinking about top-down monsters (like in Zelda) or for battle screens (like in Final Fantasy, Lufia)?

top down, i need some for my dungeon explorer. If you do, you should also add some props to make them more interesting and give them more abilities. So for example a giant frog that has a normal attack, but also the ability to extend it's tongue longer or lay down eggs that spawn smaller frogs. would make it more interesting. Just a suggestion tho, right now i will take anything since i am desperate for monsters i can use as bosses. If you need more suggestions, i have plenty :D

Hi, would you know anything as good as this, but sci-fi oriented ?


I don't really know anything on this pixel art scale that is sci-fi oriented. 

This, however, could be a good theme for a new pack. What must-haves would you like to see in such a sci-fi pack? 


I can think about many different things, such as : guns, armor parts, energy shields, upgrades, bionics, tech stuff, computers, screens, mothercards, holograms, neons, lights, lasers, mutations, meds, pills...

I might buy this classic med-fan pack as well to support you if you do a sci-fi theme as sexy as that, haha !


Oooh, that sounds interesting and fun, I'll look into it! :)

Well actually i bought it now, as it may be usefull one day, and if not, it may encourage you do keep doing this great pack and others. Hopping for a sci-fi now.

Cheers and thank you! :)

Looking forward to get this awesome looking pack! But what is with materials, such as: wood(-chunks, -fragments), stones, gems, gold, etc. Different tiers maybe? :D would be very nice!

This sounds like a splendid plan, theRaffii! :)

:D I'm glad you like it!

Hey theRaffii, I'm happy to tell you that I have added a first set of materials (metal, wood, etc.) and gold to the existing pack! 

Ooh, thats nice, now i want it even more. (And as much as i can see, the textures turned out very well in my opinion!)

We have swords and lances! Where are the axes for the weapon triangle, FE style? x3

Also, do you plan on adding more tomes?

Hey there, sorry for taking so long to reply, I was on vacation.

Axes are something I'm definitely looking into and I can always add some tomes. :)

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