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Embark on a journey into the realm of fantasy and adventure with my expansive asset pack featuring over 1,950+ meticulously crafted sprites (340+ unique designs), all meticulously rendered in a 16x16 resolution, this icon pack is your key to unlocking a world of creativity and immersion for your game development endeavors.

This is an asset pack with 1,950+ sprites (340+ unique designs) at a 16x16 resolution.You have suggestions? Awesome! Drop them in the comment box or send me a message!

What is this pack compatible with?

The theme is fantasy items, so you can use this for your fantasy RPG. If you need more icons in the same style, check out my other icon packs and assets. The 16x16 Icon Packs are all compatible with this one.

The icon pack includes


  • βš”οΈ Swords (lots)
  • πŸ”¨ Hammers
  • 🎯 Throwing Stars, Darts, Blow Darts
  • 🏹 Bows
  • πŸͺ“ Axes
  • πŸ›‘οΈ Shields
  • Spears, Halberds and Tridents
  • Maces, Flails, Bolas and Morning Stars
  • Staffs

Armor and Clothes

  • 🦾 Armors (lots)
  • πŸ‘– Pants
  • πŸ‘• Shirts
  • 🎭 Helmets and Masks
  • πŸ‘’ Boots
  • 🧀 Gloves and Belts
  • πŸ‘— Dresses


  • πŸͺ΅ Wooden Planks & Logs
  • πŸ’Ž Metal Ingots, Gems, Crystals and Dust
  • πŸͺ’ Strings, Cloths & Fabrics


  • πŸ› οΈ Tools
  • πŸͺ™ Coins
  • 🍢 Potions
  • πŸ“— Books
  • πŸ“Ώ Amulets
  • πŸ’ Rings
  • and various other items

What about the license?

This icon pack may be used in whatever project you are working on. 

You can:

βœ”οΈ Use the icon pack in your free or commercial projects 
βœ”οΈ Modify the assets
βœ”οΈ Credit me in your game (you don’t have to!)

You can’t:

❌ Repackage, redistribute, or resell the assets in any way, even if you’ve heavily changed them.

How can I contact you?

Follow me at @DerNaderer for updates on packs and my general art work. I also do commission-based freelance work! If you are interested in getting custom icons (or anything else you’d expect from a pixel artist), shoot me a quick message at look@saschanaderer.com. 

Also, feel free to check out my portfolio here: https://www.saschanaderer.com/pixelart 

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(21 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Action RPG, Fantasy, Medieval, pixel, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $19.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Pixeltiers_16x16_RPG_Pack_V1.35.zip 1 MB
Pixeltiers_16x16_RPG_Pack_V1.3.zip 1 MB

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This is just what I was looking for. This will be deployed to my browser game within the week with any luck. kleptology dot xyz

Awesome, glad you like it and thanks so much for purchasing the pack! 😊

Thx. i love it

(1 edit)

Thx. I love your feedback! 😊

this pack ius amazing!! Great Job!

Thanks for the kind words! :)


Loving these sprites!

A question, though, what is the inspiration for these armors? I've been using these sprites as icons for 3D armor models, but it's been tough trying to make the models fit the icons. (Silly, I know.)

Hey Gyrus, 

thanks for the kind feedback! The inspiration was just a bundle of different photos and art pieces. 

I'd love to see what you came up with! 


Love the style. I feel like too many sell their stuff for too much, but honestly...I feel like this is underpriced :P 

Will keep you in mind if I ever need some work done.

Just out of curiosity, are you working on anything atm? Or have any plans to expand? Tilsets? Characters?

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you're getting your money's worth and that you're keeping me in mind. :) 

To me, these sets are a great way to advertise my work and while I played around with different pricing, I always went back to the 5 USD base price. Just seems right. 

I'm currently working on some commissions and I have some loose plans for more icon packs (mostly crafting related, but I'd love to do a cyberpunk-ish one). I also dabble in tilesets, but that's going to be a while, I'm not as good as I'd like to be.

I would prolly think your tilsets looked amazing :P 

But I would also not personally be comfortable setting a price on something I didn't feel was worth it/up to my standards. So fair enough :P 

I did have a price on something once, but I felt bad and gave the money back xD  

Also, just noticed I bought your icons on a sale....That means I can buy another! As I was already willing to buy it for full price ''nods'' yes, that's how that works :P 


Hello, this asset is super nice. I have used some of the sprites in my fist project and it looks really cool.

Ballsy Demo

Nice, JuTek - I'll check it out, it looks really cool. :) 

I'm completely new to copyright stuff etc so sorry if I waste your time.

I'm currently making a Minecraft modpack using the mod "Mine and Slash",  which credited this site as the source of textures. To fit the theme of the modpack, I want to modify the textures to make an optional texture pack. 

Is that ok with you/under which circumstances is that ok with you? thx

Hey BackToEnd01 :) 
This kinda depends on how many icons it is and if they are freely available for everyone! Can you elaborate a bit on that?

If you want, you can shoot me a message to sascha.naderer@gmail.com and we can talk more, if you like. :)

Hi, I would like to use these as achievements for a website. Does they pack come with pre animated GIF's I can just chuck in?


Hi! :) 

Unfortunately, no pre-animated GIFs or anything, just the icons! 

Since I never really get that question please allow me to ask: Did you expect the bouncy icons like in the preview pictures? I don't want to promote something that the pack isn't, so I'd have to think about some kind of disclaimer. 

Hi there,

Yes i am looking for pre-animated GIFS so seeing them animated in the advert made me want to buy them. I'd like them pre animated out of the box as I have no animation experience myself.

Hey again - thanks for clearing that up!

If you have purchased them and you're generally not happy with the icons (or have no need for them that way), shoot me a message to look@saschanaderer.com and let me know when you bought it and what you paid for it. :)

Hi! Would you be able to send me a single sprite from this pack? I'm planning on using it in a Discord bot and I'm not sure if Discord will handle the images right.

Sure! Can you send a quick email to look@saschanaderer.com? :) 

sure thing

I would like to know how many types of armor in this pack?) and are there any armor sets?

There are 208 chest pieces - there are some unique designs, and some are different colored versions of the same base design.

There are no specific armor sets, but I've been using the same colors for the colored versions of chest pieces, pants, helmets and such, so you can mix and match them together. Here's a sample:


Hello, I just wanted to share the sentiment that a 32*32 version would be awesome and would get you another sale!

This would allow easier access to implement into RPGMaker MV and MZ



Have you considered resizing the assets? We did that in our project and it worked fine.


I may do that.  I didn't have an immediate need for the icons, but I considered if they were 32 by 32, I was thinking of purchasing and storing for a future project as they look well made.  For the price though, I guess I should pick them up anyway if nothing else to support a great artist.  (I was trying to be lazy but you called me out on that lol, but also the demand for quality icons in rpgmaker is high, and some people don't have image manipulation skills). 

Thank you for the great art @Pixeltier!

I believe I'm a bit late with my answer.

Thanks for the kind words! I'll look into including 32*32 versions in my workflow. :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi @Pixeltier,

Wanted to mention that we purchased and used your icon pack in our retro game, Modite Adventure.

Here's a trailer.

I'm prepping the repo now and you're going to be credited in the md/assets.md section.


That's awesome to hear! Thank you so much, Jaygarcia! :) 


For all following Pixeltier,

Attribution for this asset pack in our project has been placed here: https://github.com/ModusCreateOrg/modite-adventure/blob/master/md/attribution.md

Happy 2021 everyone!

Absolutely amazing, this is exactly what I was looking for all these years. I really appreciate how it comes with the complete spritesheet AND every sprite individually. But I have a question, would you be down with adding left and right-looking variants for some armors/clothing? That would be really helpful, so I wouldn't have to draw them all myself and could just focus on my game design. ;)

Also, I see you added tomes/books, but would you be able to add (1 roll or double roll) scrolls with and without enchanted glints on them? Brownie points if you can animate the glint in less than 8 frames. I'm also looking for some UI Icons (buttons/general info icons/sliders etc.) that match the same style. I can always throw a ten or something your way for your troubles! $$$


Thanks for the kind words! :)
I've added left and right looking variants of clothing and the scrolls to the list. I don't really add any animation to the pack, though! 
About UI: I don't have much experience with those, but I keep doodling around since I'm thinking about doing a smaller UI pack in the future. :)

I wonder how much time did you put on those flawless icons, Definitely worth 5 $. Thanks. Your icons will fill up my project :D

Hi EnchikO! 

I really wanted to make the pack accessible to a broader group of people, so I went with a lower price :) 

I didn't track time, but it's probably between 100-150 hours, if I had to guess. 

Also, thanks for purchasing! :)

Can you do this bigger. 32x32 ?

Hey there! Do you mean, like, just scaled up or actual new icons? 

I think I'm going to add 32x32 versions in the next update, this seems to be a popular request! 

Yes exactly. Then you can also use them for the MV / MZ. :)

That would be really great because they are great icons. Thanks for that. ^^

I love the assets, Will you be making more tool assets ? :)

Thanks, that's very nice :) 

I do take requests. What kind of tools would you like to see? 

(1 edit)

Would love to see Pickaxes, Shovels and Scythes/hoes! :)

Noted! :) 

were there posters in this pack as well???

Posters? Like, 16x16 icons of posters to hang on the wall?

monsters sorry 

Hello! Sorry, no monsters yet, but I think I'll do them at some point!

do you have any icons that have like food and raw foods and fish and other food related stuff?

Hey doomtucan, 

I'm currently working on two sets: a scifi set and a food related set! If you have any requests for either of those things, let me know and I'll try my best. :) 

Hi Pixeltier! One question: whats the difference between sprites and unique designs? I mean, how many icons are in the pack: 1950 or 340? By unique designs you mean something like these maces (https://pixeltier.itch.io/pixeltiers-16x16-rpg-icon-pack/devlog/23528/v-13-featuring-tridents-hammers-maces-flails-bolas-and-morning-stars)? 4 maces but 1 unique design?

By the way, on your site when we click the modern icon pack we get a "password" page.

Thanks and amazing work!!!

Hi there cassianno! 

Exactly right! I thought that if I just wrote 1,950 icons, people would get confused to find a large number of recolours, so I went with the unique design wording. It's 1,950+ files, but 340+ unique designs that I recolored to get, well, differently colored versions. :) 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask away! 

... And thanks for telling me about the website bug! :) 

Tyvm for the answer! Another question if you don't mind: how are the separate images organized? all into 1 folder or can i expect some sort of groups?

Thanks again.

They're organized in (currently 25) folders, such as swords, hammers, materials and so on. The files are numbered. 

There's also one huge sheet with everything. 

Thank you! Getting it now.

Thanks a lot, I hope you'll have fun with it. :) 

Hello, is there a way to preview all the icons I can find in this package to see if they will be a fit for my games?

Even if it's watermarked or blurry that's ok, I just need to know what I will find before purchasing. thanks!

Hi there route1rodent, 

can you shoot me a quick message to sascha.naderer@gmail.com? :)

Thanks, I've just send you an email

Hi, just bought the pack!
On this page, there are some of the items "floating" in the air, but i can't find these in the ZIP file. Where do i find those? :)

I need floating items! :)

(1 edit)

Hi Bocary, 

those are kind of just for presentation purposes! :/

Do you need multiple floating icons? Could you shoot me a message to sascha.naderer@gmail.com? Maybe we can figure out a way that works for you. 

Hey Pixeltier

What a fast response! I will gather some more information, and send you an e-mail.

Otherwise it's a pretty amazing pack:)

Thanks, that's very kind. :) Thank you for purchasing, by the way. 


I strongly suggest you to code this behaviour/animation. It'll be alot easier and basically any item from this pack will be able to float!

If I buy it it is possible to have all the icons with a size of 32x32 ?  And is there a bucket of water in it?

Hey there, the current set doesn't feature 32x32 icons. Most image software solutions allow a 'nearest neighbour' upscaling, then it shouldn't have antialiasing and you can have a 32x32 version. 

There's no bucket of water in it, but I'll write it down as a request for the next version. :)


Guys  ?

I didn't forget about you - email sent. :)

You can send me the exemple

If I buy it possible to have the icons at the unit?

Hi Fooxy, 

I'm not sure, what do you mean by 'at the unit'? I've never heard that phrase before. :) 

I would like to know if there are not all the icons in a single image or then there are 1950 images and not all in 1 alone

Oh! It's actually both! There is a huge spreadsheet and also single files for every single icon. 

Thanks :)

Can you give me an example of icon 1 only so that I see if it looks good in my game

Sure, shoot me a message to sascha.naderer@gmail.com and I'll get back to you with a sample file. :) 

Can this set of resources be used commercially?

 Are there any restrictions on the development engine?


Yes, you can use the set commercially.

The files are transparent PNGs and I also prepared a bigger spritesheet. I'm no developer, so I don't know if that leads to any restrictions, but I haven't heard about any complaints in the last 2 years.

okay, thank you!I wish you a happy life!

Just purchase awesome pack! Just in time for my new RPG Game

Very cool, thank you so much! I'm looking forward to see more :)

Hello, I recently bought this incredible icon pack but I can't use it properly because I'm working in RPG Maker MV and it need 32x32 icons. It was was fault but I would like to know if in the future you will do a 32x32 version of this pack.. if not it's okay, I understand and I'm glad I was able to support a great artist.

Hi Nythler, 

thanks for getting the pack! :) 

do you mean, like, 16x16 icons scaled up to 32x32 or do you mean 32x32 icons that have a higher level of detail? 

The former can be done somewhat easily, the latter is a huge load of work that also requires a certain level of skill that I need to train first. In other words: I don't think I can do super good-looking 32x32 icons yet. 

Just a scale up without losing the details, I try to do it myself but it gets too fuzzy.

Most software allows a 'nearest neighbour' upscaling, then it shouldn't have antialiasing.

Do you need the single icon files or would the big sheet be enough? 

Drop me a message to sascha.naderer@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do :) 

Hi there! Just purchased. Super excited to get to use these. =) 
I am wondering though, have you considered adding capes? I love the 16x16 format, I just can't get the capes that I make to look right. lol. Thank you again for the amazing resource. Will credit you with our artwork

Hey Mutim, 

thanks so much for purchasing the pack! I've noted your cape request and see what I can do for the next update. :) 


Hi, looks awesome!
Before i buy; just wondering if the sprites hover, like they do on the preview on this page?


Nope, no hovering, just the transparent 16x16 png files and an overall spritesheet. :)

Do you need them to hover?

What type of potions are there in this pack?

(2 edits)

Hi doomtucan, please excuse the quality, I'm sending this on mobile. These are the potions.

I'm currently working on update #8, so I'm definitely taking requests if you're missing anything. :)


Great pixel art! I already bought and I will buy another one.

Hi! These assets look awesome and thinking about buying it! Question!

Can we recolor the sprites? Would love to use it for my game and of course credit you:) 

Also for the items are any of them greyed out so I can use it for inventory background slots? I suppose I could recolor it that way too?

Thank you!

Hi there,

thank you so much for your interest! You can absolutely recolor the icons however you see fit.

There are no greyed out versions for now, but that seems to be something I should be looking into!

Ive bought this pack and worth every penny, I want to get the updated pack but can you give me a sneak peak of what is new from the last one? I have 1.4 I think

Thanks for buying the pack! :)

In my last devlog, I've attached a GIF that contains all the new icons. Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for this incredible work. I never thought I would pay for icons (I am a pirate), but I had to support someone who does such a great job. Hopefully, I will be able to finish my game Ravensgard Arena which will be on Steam. So, thank you again. 

Hey Crosblood! 

Thank you do much for the kind words and for supporting the pack! This really made my day. :)

I'm currently working on another update, so you can expect 100+ new icons in the next few weeks.

Thanks for this Awesome arts!!!

Thank YOU, glad you like it!

Just bought the pack, nice assets! Only thing I'm currently missing are food items like fish, meat etc. 

Hey Mitcherino,

thank you for purchasing the pack and thanks for your feedback. I'll look into it! In the meantime, I recommend this fantastic pack: https://henrysoftware.itch.io/pixel-food

damn dude that was nice of you to link. props 

Dude I love it. Please make a monsters one or walls and floors. 

I'm definitely intrigued about doing some monsters in the future.  What kind of animations would you have in mind? Walk/Attack/Death in 4 directions?

That would be amazing.  Dont need death, I would prob make it a puff particle or something. I would put them in this game im making right now :D 

i Bought this twice #Dumb

Hey :)

Can you send me an email to sascha.naderer@gmail.com? I'll send you a code for my new Modern RPG Icon Pack later this month once I release it. 



let me know when you release it :D

i have no word to explain how awesome this pack is cant wait to use it on my projects

this pack also giving really nice palette choices to draw from and inspires pixel art beginners(like me). awesome work.Do u have a plan to make a tileset?


Wowza, thank you so much for your amazing feedback!

I usually update the sets inbetween commissions, and I currently have a Modern RPG Iconset (think guns, medicine, modern electronics, super duper cool leather jackets) in the works. I have also dabbled in tilesets, but I still have a lot to learn there.

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