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Would you like to introduce alchemy or chemistry in your game? Or do you just want to provide some cool mats and ingredients to your RPG? Then Pixeltier's Alchemy RPG Icon Pack might be just the thing for you.

I've created 233 sprites (100 unique designs) in 16x16 pixel size for you to use in your next project. You have suggestions? Awesome! Drop them in the comment box or send me a message!


What is this pack compatible with?

The theme of this icon pack is alchemy, so you can use this for every kind of RPG, be it fantasy or modern. If you need more icons in the same style, check out my other icon packs and assets. The 16x16 Icon Packs are all compatible with Pixeltier’s Alchemy RPG Icon Pack.


Which icons can I expect?

  • 🍄🌿🍈 odd mushrooms, strange plants and outlandish fruit
  • 🐝🦋🐛 bugs, bees and other little creatures top drop into your brew
  • 💀👁️🐙 bones, horns, monster eyes, a tentacle and other cool stuff that monsters drop
  • ⚗️🧪⚖️ several tools of the alchemist trade
  • … and potions, blobs, powders, herbs in 12 colors!

The icons come in single files and also as a sprite sheet. They are provided in 16x16 pixel size. 


What about the license?

This icon pack may be used in whatever project you are working on. 

You can:

✔️ Use the icon pack in your free or commercial projects 
✔️ Modify the assets
✔️ Credit me in your game (you don’t have to!)

You can’t:

❌ Repackage, redistribute, or resell the assets in any way, even if you’ve heavily changed them.


How can I contact you?

Follow me at @DerNaderer for updates on packs and my general art work. I also do commission-based freelance work! If you are interested in getting custom icons (or anything else you’d expect from a pixel artist), shoot me a quick message at look@saschanaderer.com.  Also, feel free to check out my portfolio here: https://www.saschanaderer.com/pixelart

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GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Action RPG, alchemy, Loot, pixel, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $19.00 USD
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hey, Looks great !
It's a idea for an asset pack, I've been thinking about making some alchemy stuff too :)


Will this work with the unity game engine? Sorry, noob here, thanks!

Hey! :)

 I don't really have the expertise either, but I don't see why not and I know that people have worked with it in Unity in the past!

Great, thanks for replying!


Excellent as always. This makes my collection complete, until you make a new one!

Thank you so much! :)


Bought the bundle. Great value for money. Consistent and fantastic looking assets.

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate that a lot! :)


Slight question, what size is the big preview sheet? It seems to be 80x80?

The preview sheet is 368 x 528! Or did I understand the question wrong? :)


Finally, an iconpack with Poop! :P

Can't do Alchemy without poop! 


These will go great with the others you've made. Been looking for something to do with my monster drop/ingredient idea

Nice, thanks for the kind words - I'm looking forward to seeing to you do with them.😊


Just got it! <3 Looking GREAT as always!

Thank you, fiote - that means a lot to me :) 


Looks great! I shared it in my Discord 😁👍

Thank you so much, that's very kind of you. :)


Always glad to see new assets from a favorite pixel artist! Amazing icons as always, have been greatly looking forward to these. Keep up the good work!

Hey Jarin! Thank you for your - as always - very kind words. :)