V 1.2 featuring Axes and new Tomes!

We have 1,140+ sprites! Version 1.2 of Pixeltier's 16x16 RPG Icon Pack has arrived!

Again, I have added several sprites by popular demand, such as:

  • For the first time, there are axes! 10 unique designs in 12 colors!
  • 12 brand new mysterious tomes. 

Again, I'd like to think my followers and buyers for motivating and commenting. I absolutely love tinkering on the spritesheet and I appreciate all your feedback! Now on to 1.3. If you have any suggestions  or ideas, don't hesitate to shoot me a quick message!

All the best,


Pixeltiers_16x16_RPG_Pack_V1.2.zip 1 MB
Jan 17, 2018

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Cool, nice to see updates post-release for this kind of package.

I'd like to see :

- Hammers and morningstar-like. Also, "exotic" weapons like flail, falchion, bolas, trident, nunchaku...

Sounds interesting! Noted. :)