V 1.35 featuring new materials!

Hello everyone,

I've upladed  version 1.35 of Pixeltier's 16x16 RPG Icon Pack , going from 1,330+ to 1,420+ icons. 

This is just a small update to honor some of the community wishes. I'm always jotting down cool ideas from you guys, so your idea is probably in my backlog. :)

Anyway, here's what I've added/changed:

  • Cloths (Strings, Fabrics, Rolls of Cloth)
  • 2 More colors for materials
  • I've renamed some of the materials as to avoid confusion. If you've been using an old version, you may want to keep an eye on that. 

As always, thanks to my followers and buyers - you rule! Keep commenting and throwing ideas around, I love hearing what you'd like to see in future updates. 

All the best,  Sascha


Pixeltiers_16x16_RPG_Pack_V1.35.zip 1 MB
Mar 14, 2018

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